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A surf skate is a skateboard used for surfing on land, a specially designed front truck enables you to do turns very similar to surfing. Surf Skating has become a sport in its own right and it’s ok if you don’t surf as it is fun to learn.

A surf skate can be pumped along a surface without having to push off with your foot to generate speed. This feeling is like surfing and it’s generally not possible to achieve on traditional skateboards. You can turn in a tight radius or slalom between obstacles.

If there are no waves or in between sessions, surf skating is a very constructive teaching method used to improve your technique and add manoeuvres to your repertoire.

Lessons are for a duration of 1.5hrs and are suitable for ages 8yrs+ on an individual basis or for private groups up to six students. We offer tuition for all levels and equipment can be provided or you’re welcome to bring your own. Lessons are held in a quiet closed road depending on weather conditions.

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