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Learn to Surf, Stand up Paddleboard and Surf Skate or improve your current skill level with the Isle of Wight’s fully equipped Premium Mobile Surf Academy.
We provide bespoke, person centred tuition for adults and children from the age of 8 for all levels. Lessons are taught on an individual basis or in private groups of up to six students by a qualified coach and Beach Lifeguard.
We only coach in small private groups, as this low ratio of student to coach enables us to keep everyone safer and create an environment that is conducive towards the learning needs of each student, allowing them to develop confidence, progress faster, gain skills and have fun.
So you can be assured that you will receive specialist tuition in a fun, friendly environment at the most suitable and safest location.


Originally the sport of royalty, surfing is thought to have made its way to Hawaii from the Polynesian Islands around the middle of the 18th Century but, it’s likely been around since the 6th Century.

Surfing has come a long way since it first gained popularity as a lifestyle symbol in the mid 1800's, and you too can enjoy the sport of royalty on a beautiful Island.

If you have never surfed and you’re looking for something fun and exciting to try, or if you have been surfing for many years and you’re committed to improving you have come to the right place.


Lessons run for a duration of 1.5hrs and they are suitable for all levels from ages 8yrs+ on an individual basis or in private groups of up to six students. Equipment can be provided or you’re welcome to bring your own. Surf lessons are held at any main surf spot on the Isle of Wight depending on student skill level and surf conditions.


Our beginner lessons are run in waist-depth water. Our goal is for everyone to be up and riding by the end of their first lesson. Sometimes it can take a little longer but, that’s ok as everyone’s individual fitness and ability is different, which is why we pride ourselves in offering a bespoke person centred approach.


We use the highest quality equipment sourced from our local surf shop Earth, Wind and Water therefore; if you liked the equipment you used in one of our sessions go check them out.


If you already surf:


Having a professional coach guide and analyse your surfing, encouraging you to make constructive changes will have a productive effect to help you achieve your desired results.


There are various ways that we coach surfers, for example observation and dynamic feedback, buddy surfing, in water coaching, video analysis and land based technique training. 


For us it’s all about enabling you to surf better with confidence and bridge the gap from where your surfing is to where you want it to be. While ensuring your knowledge of ocean safety and surfing etiquette is increased.


Eddie's Surf Academy


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